Vaishali Patel (she/her)

Vaishali Patel (she/her)

Founder and Owner of Vaishali Ltd

Vaishali is the visionary behind the Immersive India tour, a captivating journey through the senses of Indian culture in the heart of London. As an author of “Solo Explorers,” Vaishali inspires and empowers women to embrace solo travel for positive change. With over two decades of expertise in marketing and communications, Vaishali is skilled in idea generation, storytelling and audience engagement. As a transformation coach, Vaishali empowers individuals to manifest positive change through travel, creativity, and impactful public speaking. She was invited to deliver a TEDx talk on the profound influence of creativity on well-being.


I firmly believe in the transformative power of sharing diverse perspectives and experiences. By speaking at IWTTF, my goal is to ignite creativity and foster innovation by embracing diversity and shaping a more equitable, vibrant future for both the industry and the communities it serves.

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