Awards 2024 Winners

Social enterprise Women in Travel CIC has announced the winners of its inaugural IWTTF Awards, which celebrate diversity, equity and inclusion in the travel, tourism and hospitality industries.

The International Women in Travel and Tourism Forum (IWTTF) Awards reception was a sell-out event and was hosted by Expedia in a top-floor, balcony event space in Angel, London, on the 21st of June.

Reflecting Women in Travel CIC’s core pillars of Leadership, Talent & Recruitment, Allyship and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, the award categories recognised both businesses and individuals for their awareness, achievements, initiatives and progress in the DEI space.

DEI Champions


Winner: RISE Travel Institute

The judges said: RISE really impressed us as a company built with a fully DEI and justice oriented culture in its DNA. A 360 degree take including recruitment, accessibility, training and collaboration are all addressed through the DEI lens. Education of future travel professionals, travellers and students alike make RISE our winners in 2024.

Finalists: Visit Santa Marta & Vívolo Cafe and The Conscious Travel Foundation

Highly commended: The Athenaeum Hotel & Residences


Winner: Tiffany Casson, Inntel

The judges said: Tiffany shows a very impressive commitment and strong evidence to support her passion for DEI. She is proving to be a champion for Neuro Diverse inclusion and not just in business, she is passionately engaging peers and industry partners to effect change from grass roots to the top in the travel industry and beyond. A very deserving winner in 2024.

Finalists: Michael Dominguez, ALHI

Highly commended: Rebecca Jacques, BCD Travel

DEI Professionals


Winner: Red Carnation Hotels

The judges said: We have selected Red Carnation Hotels as the winner for this award due to the exceptional level of their commitment to various facets of diversity and inclusion demonstrated in the submission. The initiatives they have outlined for their employees and also the industry are multi-faceted from inclusive hiring practices, fairness/bias programs in performance/talent and their latest initiative are around building communities creating a sense of belonging. These commitments are supported by their CEO who attends monthly meetings and is reinforce through measurement.

Finalists: Rise Travel Institute, Travel Matters


Winner: Annaliesa Chapman, TTC

The judges said: We have selected Annaliesa as the standout winner for this award as the Chief People Officer at the Travel Corporation due to the exceptional level of her commitment to diversity and inclusion demonstrated in the submission. This was very detailed sharing the various initiatives that Annaliesa has been driving for The Travel Corporation, ranging from inclusive hiring practices such as diverse loops/interview slate hiring practices, community groups including founding the community group, education/awareness and training for colleagues and so much more.

Finalists: Andrea Giroux, G Adventures & Agnelo Fernandes, Cote Family

Talent & Recruitment


Winner: Sian Evans, Roadchef

The judges said: Sian clearly fosters an inclusive environment and contributes to the wider company DEI committee. Sian has found ways to expand their company’s recruitment reach via their own commitment and partner organisations. Their own story is inspirational and this clearly drives a desire to remain proactive and forward-thinking, to the benefit of their organisation.

Highly Commended: Annaliesa Chapman, TTC


Winner: BCD Travel

The judges said: BCD are setting the standard with technology-led innovations, coupled with intensive training for recruiters. They have strong links with partner organisations to provide workforce development programmes and apprenticeships, which have been very successful.

Highly commended: Invisible Cities



Winner: Laura Roe, Expedia Group

The judges said: A true advocate – supporting and promoting women and diversity seems to run through her veins. From mentoring, training, advocating, leading, raising awareness, challenging bias – she appears to cover all bases in a positive and encourging way. She works internally and externally at industry events – raising the profile and importance of DEI. And her works starts from the grass roots – empowering young girls and helpjng them in their ambitions and development – providing a positive role model to aspire to – not only a successful woman, but someone who gives their time and energy freely to the service of others. An inspiring nomination, the full 360 degree package. Integrity at every touchpoint.

Finalists: Tami Fairweather, Fairweather Communications

Highly commended: Debbie ONeill, Jules Verne Ltd.


Winner: Insight Vacations

The judges said: Women hold significant number of senior positions, they amended recruitment policies to improve DEI, they launched an employee advocacy programme. They have introduced DEI guidelines in marketing, mentoring, etc. They walk the walk – from internal celebration of DEI, through to Make Travel Matter on the ground – the consumer facing part of the brand. Meeting, supporting and celebrating women around the world! Women only holidays. They’re a partner of IGLTA, make donations through Treadright, and have DEI guidelines for all shoots & marcomms. Whilst all 3 companies had a strong case, it felt that Insight live and breath DEI from the very top right through the organisation to the tours and experiences it offers. This is not a CSR “project” but something that is at the heart of Insight and which all empoloyees sign up to and believe in, evidenced by the NPD it launches.

Finalists: Visit Santa Marta & Vivolo Cafe

Highly Commended: Group

Female Leader of the Year


Winner: Nada Raphael, Tourleb

The judges saidNada advocates for women in a part of the world where its impact is even more significant, with a focus on local and rural areas. Nada follows through on projects and initiatives that have both immediate results and long-term positive impact for the woman who are on the receiving end. By using the tourism industry, Nada promotes woman-owned businesses constantly. She creates community/international projects to help women in rural areas who lack opportunities e.g. helping the trans community in Beirut after the Beirut Blast. By focusing on promoting woman-owned businesses and initiatives in the Lebanese tourism sector

Finalists: Jessica Brooks, Iris Serbanescu

Highly Commended: Beth Santos


Winner: Charlotte Shaw, The Athenaeum Hotel & Residences

The judges saidCharlotte was the stand out candidate because of her commitment to organising work opportunities for marginalised groups and providing personalised development programs for young women in her capacity as Head of Housekeeping at the Anthaneum Hotel. She also gives visibility to a vital role in hospitality which is often overlooked and underrepresented.

Finalists: Shayna Zand, We Travel & Linda Obi, Afrihealth Limited

Highly commended: Zina Bencheikh, Intrepid Travel

Female in Travel Tech


Winner: Stephanie Clare Boyle, Arwen Communications

The judges saidThe judges all agreed that our winner is an embodiment of helping others both in front and behind the scenes. Her talents in communication have been used to help others find their own voice and confidently represent themselves whether it is in a group meeting or during a salary negotiation. Her empowerment of others will no doubt create a legacy and a blueprint which will continue to benefit others in the future.

Finalists: Mags Sikora,

Highly commended: Grace Lucia McBride, Lucia


Winner: Sarah Hillman, TTC

The judges saidSarah’s dedication to fostering gender diversity and inclusion within the tech industry is exceptional. Her impactful initiatives, such as the expanded partnership with Code First Girls and the rebranding of recruitment programs to support career switchers, demonstrate her proactive approach to addressing systemic biases. Additionally, her mentorship and advocacy efforts have significantly advanced the careers of numerous women, showcasing her commitment to empowering the next generation of female tech leaders.

Finalists: Shayna Zand, We Travel & Mercedes Blanco, The Hotels Network

Mentor of the Year


Winner: Quinn Meyer, Crees Manu

The judges saidQuinn is the deserving winner of the Mentor of the Year award due to his unwavering commitment to mentoring women and diverse individuals, exemplified through his impactful support of those in the WIT mentoring program. He consistently creates opportunities for his mentees by promoting their work and aiding their career development, while embodying key mentor attributes like integrity, authenticity, and approachability. Quinn’s dedication to fostering professional growth and inclusion makes him an outstanding and inspirational mentor.

Finalists: Alexander Griffith, Visit Santa Marta / Vivolo Cafe

Highly commended: Meera Dattani,


Winner: Yousra Magouri, Expedia Group

The judges saidYousra is the deserving winner of the Corporate Mentor of the Year award for her exceptional dedication to mentoring women and diverse groups from within Expedia and the broader industry. Her impactful initiatives, such as supporting iAccess Life in the Expedia Open World Accelerator Program and leading the WOmentoring Global Experience for female engineering students in Tunisia, highlight her commitment to fostering inclusivity and accessibility. Yousra’s personal journey and relentless advocacy have inspired and guided hundreds, making her an outstanding mentor and role model who consistently opens doors, shares wisdom, and promotes work/life balance with integrity and authenticity.

Finalists: Hollie Dunne, Diversity Travel

Female Mentee of the Year


Winner: Mandy Salonika, The Adventurous Ewe

The judges saidThis was a particularly difficult one to judge with all three finalists creating a lot of debate and discussion by the judges. All have many impressive achievements and show great talent so are deserving finalists. Mandy has demonstrated great resilience, never giving up despite initial setbacks with previous mentors which she used as a learning opportunity. She has taken on board all the feedback and has used her mentoring to improve her business strategy, increase her network and has had some really positive results. Changing careers later in your professional life takes bravery and commitment which she has demonstrated throughout and her early successes will stand her in good stead for the future.

Finalists: Jools Sampson, Reclaim Yourself Retreats & Jayni Gudka, Unseen Tours


Winner: Madeline Scovotti, Audley Travel

The judges saidMadeline has taken on board her responsibilities as a mentee by being proactive and well prepared. She has sought out opportunities for her personal growth as well as giving back and as a result has had some impressive wins in her professional development and career to date. We particularly liked that this relationship showed the best parts of allyship at work – helping a woman help herself by taking charge and creating better outcomes for herself and then using this to also benefit her company by leading on DEI and therefore becoming a role model for others.

Highly Commended: Jane Russell, TTC


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