Staci Nakayama

VP, IT at Expedia Group

Staci Nakayama, Vice President of IT at Expedia Group, has over two decades of technology expertise. With a global mindset, she has navigated diverse landscapes across four countries and three continents. Leading teams across six continents and twenty countries at Expedia, Staci is dedicated to enhancing employee experiences through intuitive and accessible technology solutions. Committed to fostering inclusivity and diversity, Staci believes that embracing varied perspectives and experiences leads to better collaboration, innovation, and excellence within the organisation.


Expedia Group is thrilled to host the IWTTF Awards again in 2024, recognising the immense value it brings to the travel industry. Last year’s event demonstrated the power of celebrating diversity and inclusion, showcasing the remarkable contributions of women in shaping the future of travel. These awards are not only important for honouring individual achievements but also for driving meaningful change within our industry. By championing diversity, equity, and inclusion, we foster an environment where all voices are heard, perspectives are valued, and innovation thrives. Hosting the IWTTF Awards aligns seamlessly with Expedia Group’s broader DEI strategy, reinforcing our commitment to creating a more inclusive and equitable workplace and industry for all, which is why I’m excited to welcome everyone to the awards ceremony at the Expedia Group London office.

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