Sofya Muhrer-Muromets (she/her)

Sofya Muhrer-Muromets (she/her)

Sustainability Lead at TourRadar

With a Bachelor’s in political science with a specialization in climate politics and an MBA with a specialization in sustainable management, Sofya has set a personal goal to show, guide and support the journey of change towards a better future. She is a strong believer that everything is connected, and the gender inequity as the climate challenges we face in the industry can be overcome collaboratively.


Creating safe spaces and advocating for equal opportunities for women, BIPOC, and LGBTQ+ individuals is deeply personal to me. I’ve firsthand experienced gender-based injustice early in my career and witnessed mistreatment based on sexual orientation in the workplace. I firmly believe that embracing diversity and nurturing an inclusive culture that values the uniqueness of each person can foster more innovative problem-solving, enhance decision-making, and improve adaptability to our rapidly changing world. By embracing the diversity of our world, both personally and within our businesses, we simultaneously broaden the pool of opportunities for everyone.

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