Richard Thompson (he/him)

Richard Thompson (he/him)

CEO at IncluCare

For over 26 years Richard has tirelessly applied his vision, knowledge, commitment and passion for making travel accessible and inclusive – everywhere, to everyone… His journey is a heady fusion of industry experience, independent exploration across 70+ countries and half a lifetime turning adversity to advantage following his life-changing Injury. Richard is invited to educate and enlighten across the globe and is regarded by the UK legal profession as the country’s leading accessible travel authority and called on for expert opinion to the Courts. He was also recently identified by the Conde Nast Traveller magazine as one of the world’s most influential people in accessible and inclusive travel. And now as CEO of IncluCare, defining the era of Conscious Guest Inclusivity and delivering the measure and the means to serve, with equity and excellence, those who would experience our offerings, if only we gave them the confidence to do so.


Studies have shown that only 4% of organisations across the globe have adopted any meaningful and positive strategies that impact the actual user experience for people with physical, sensory, neurodivergent or other exceptionalities. The focus tends to be on talent rather than customers. IncluCare exists to shift narrative and behaviours to serve with equity and excellence those that have for too long been disenfranchised by the industries of travel, hospitality and lifestyle.

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