Rachel Storey (she/her)

Rachel Storey (she/her)

Global Brand Director at Contiki

2023 DEI Champion Award Winner 🎉

Rachel Storey is Contiki’s Global Brand Director and primary DEI Champion. As Contiki’s representative within The Travel Corporation family of brands, Rachel leads Contiki’s comprehensive DEI strategy, including guidelines around marketing materials, Tone of Voice, casting, campaigns, recruitment, partnerships and more. Rachel has been with Contiki for almost 10 years, with a background in brand marketing, primarily focused on brand strategy, creative production, brand storytelling and partnerships.


I had such a great time last year at the IWTTF awards. It’s wonderful to be surrounded by so many passionate, inspiring and thought-provoking women & allies, all championing causes close to my heart. I was proud to be recognised personally but that was a consequence of working for a company ​such as Contiki,​ and the wider Travel Corporation, who genuinely care about​ Diversity, Equity & Inclusion​ and are so supportive of women in travel. Throughout my time ​at Contiki, especially over the last few years, ​we’ve worked hard continuously to improve, refine and innovate on DEI. Our global teams genuinely share the same values and we know from​ traveller feedback that our Contiki ​audience feels the same way.

Organisations like Women in Travel must continue to champion the cause of women in this sector. There are so, so many brilliant women in travel who inspire me every day – but as with any sector, there’s still a long journey ahead. Ultimately it’s down to changemakers like those recognised by Women in Travel that we’re making real progress to a more just and equitable industry and society.

What I’d say to anyone thinking about putting themselves or their brand forward is – do it! A lot of DEI work goes on behind the scenes (rightly) and you don’t realise what a fantastic job you’re doing until you put yourself out there for other people to commend and recognise.

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