Quinn Meyer (he/him)

Quinn Meyer (he/him)

Founder of CREES Manu

For over two decades, my passion has been dedicated to sustainability, conservation, and travel, with a focus on fostering connections between people and the natural world. I’m a social anthropologist and aspiring entrepreneur. As the founder of @crees manu, an experiential travel startup in the Amazon, we’ve strived to redefine immersive and impactful journeys. @WildVenture XR, an impact-driven immersive entertainment company I’m advocating for a return to our right relationship with nature, culture, and self, revaluing nature and redefining our connectivity to it through awe-inspiring experiences that inspire action and change. I’m honoured to serve as an ally and mentor at Women in Travel CIC, advocating for equality and diversity in the industry, and also on the philanthropy committee of The Conscious Travel Foundation. For eight years, I’ve served as a committee member and Treasurer of LATA, promoting sustainability in LATAM’s travel sector while celebrating its remarkable people and places. Currently based in London, I manage a small private family office specializing in real estate and impact investing.


It’s a privilege to be part of recognising and publicly championing the strength, bravery and resilience of individuals and companies improving how we connect, uplift and work together. Travel, done well is a true celebration of our planet’s diversity, driving our curiosity and open-mindedness and keeping us humble.

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