Nada Raphael (she/her)

Nada Raphael (she/her)

Co-Founder & Director of Electrochocks SARL & Tourleb

2023 Talent & Recruitment Award Highly Commended 🎉

With studies in Cinema, Journalism, Photography, Sound Engineering and Communication, Nada’s adventure with Tourleb started by accident, after a project she co-created and co-published: Hyphen Islam-Christianity in 2010; A project consisting of a book, a documentary, a photography exhibit as well as a series of conferences presented in more than 20 cities in the world. This project directly led to the birth of Tourleb, a Socially Responsible Tour Operator aiming to promote Lebanon’s heritage through tourism and working on changing the image and the narrative related to Lebanon for foreigners and Lebanese alike. With feet solidly planted on the field, Nada has made Tourleb a mission, much more than a simple tour operator. Her aim, through her engagement in her company, is to highlight the marvels of the country and to help promote them.


This award (highly commanded by the IWTTF Jury) is a first for a Lebanese Tour operator! And a very meaningful reward for us, our partners, our supporters, and mostly for all Lebanese women. We are proud, happy and honoured, and are encouraged beyond words. This is not the beginning of an adventure, but a milestone in our journey. One that will hopefully allow us to continue. Please continue including small businesses as these recognitions make a huge impact and difference.

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