Mike Grimes (he/him)

Mike Grimes (he/him)

Customer & Planning Director at MAG

Mike is an accomplished business leader with over 30 years of experience in frontline customer operations across the aviation, charity, and government sectors. Throughout his career, he has led large operational teams to achieve the very best standards in customer excellence. Currently serving as the Customer and Planning Director at East Midlands Airport, Mike oversees customer operations to ensure an ‘effortless’ travel experience for over four million customers annually. Under his leadership, the airport’s assisted travel teams have earned a ‘Very Good’ rating from the Civil Aviation Authority, working closely with a dedicated accessibility forum to create flexible travel solutions for all customers. Deeply passionate about Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Mike chairs the LGBTQIA+ Colleague Resource Group at Manchester Airports Group and is a staunch ally to all CRGs within the business. His personal mission is to leverage his extensive experience to help others realise their full potential.


I wanted to be involved as a speaker at IWTTF because I am passionate about creating a world where everyone is truly welcome and where we create a better place by being able to be ourselves. IWTTF is a fantastic opportunity to learn, share and celebrate the steps we take to break down barriers and move forward.

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