Hellen Nkuraiya

Founder at Tepesua Comunity Based Organization

My name is Hellen, from Narok, Kenya. I am passionate about girls’ and women’s empowerment in the most vulnerable communities. Despite facing the cruel interruption of my education due to Female Genital Mutilation at age 9 and being married off at 11, I found hope through the intervention of a compassionate Catholic nun. With the nun’s support, I pursued my studies, excelling in both primary and secondary education. After training as a primary school teacher, I leveraged my position to educate and uplift girls and women in my community. I resigned from teaching to establish the Tepesua Community Based Organization, an organization that is spearheading the fight against these injustices. Tepesua consists of two schools – Enkiteng Lepa School, Tepesua School and Tepesua Cultural Eco Camp which is the income-generating wing of the CBO. I desire to see a community where girls and women can thrive past cultural barriers.

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