Alex Vívolo Griffith (he/him)

Alex Vívolo Griffith (he/him)

CEO & Founder, Visit Santa Marta

Alex Vívolo Griffith (33) is a native of Las Vegas, Nevada. Born into the hospitality industry, he is dedicated to cultivating genuine moments within which people can share, disconnect, and discover. With an undergraduate degree in intercultural communications from George Washington University and an MBA from the University of Miami, Alex structured his educational path to support the hospitality career he started at 13 years old. Currently, Alex is based in the historic district of Santa Marta, Colombia, where he and his team have developed a complex of businesses serving the creative, tourism and hospitality spaces.


My professional path has been a response to and rejection of conformity. In Santa Marta, Colombia, there is a crisis of the individual. Our projects empower and assist in the establishment of young entrepreneurs and creatives, placing them at the forefront of their differentiation. I was born and raised in Las Vegas, where the term ‘sex sells’ is practically etched into the employee handbook. No group has been marginalized by the tourism industry more than women. These awards are an active rejection of that thinking. Programs such as Women in Travel recalibrate the scales, putting purpose above image.

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