Akvile Marozaite

CEO, Expedition Cruise Network

Born in Lithuania, Akvile moved to UK in 2007 to pursue her career in travel. In 2011, she joined a luxury cruise brand where she discovered a passion for expedition cruising. Having travelled to some of the remotest corners of the world and worked in various roles in the sector, in 2023 Akvile has co-founded Expedition Cruise Network, a B2B organization that connects expedition cruising brands to travel trade community to promote and grow the sector.

Beside her passion for expedition cruising, Akvile is a firm believer in D&I and the need for greater gender equality in the industry. In 2022, she joined Women In Travel cic Male Allyship program where she was matched with Sam Clark, Co-founder and MD at Experience Travel Group. Having Sam as a mentor has cemented Akvile’s belief in the positive outcomes of allyship and she can’t wait to share her experiences at the Forum.

Joining Male Allyship Program in 2022 and having Sam Clark as an ally and mentor has been and continues to be an immensely positive personal and professional development journey and I am very excited to be able to share this experience with the wider community at IWTTF.

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