Emily Firth

Independent Consultant

As an outspoken woman of colour, Emily spent over a decade as a brand marketer feeling like an outsider. After a burnout she attributes to trying to overcompensate for imposter-syndrome by working 24/7, Emily decided to leverage her branding skills to focus on using storytelling to improve workplace culture and engage diverse talent. As Head of Employer Brand at Booking.com she partnered with everyone from Diversity leads to Recruitment heads to drive more inclusion in the workplace with a special focus on women in tech. Emily is passionate about leveraging authentic stories to help kickstart meaningful discussion and change and this now shapes her work as an independent Employer Brand Consultant.

“I have agreed to support the Forum because the travel industry like many industries is moving fast and I believe women are the key to its success. Research from Skyscanner and Amadeus shows that the vast majority of travel research and booking in a partnership is done by women so female leadership in this space is crucial. It’s time to take our seat at the table.”