Global Brand Manager

Danela Zagar (MA in Public relations and Political communication at the University of Zagreb, Croatia) joined Intimina’s sisterhood where she obtains a function of a Global Brand Manager. Intimina is a Swedish brand that offers the first and only range of products dedicated exclusively to all aspects of women’s intimate health. The main mission is to make being a woman easier in today’s world where period shame is a societal issue. Danela oversees and coordinates all marketing campaigns of the brand whose main goal is to break period taboos. The current position gives her the opportunity to direct the global brand to spark a conversation about woman’s intimate health and how this reflects to our everyday life, from personal to professional aspects.

Before Intimina, Danela spent four years specializing in socially engaged public relations in the non-profit sector and in digital marketing in a full-service marketing agency. That experience showed how you can make a change in society by making a story behind the brand worth a bigger picture.

“I believe that connecting with the different women’s “tribes” across the world, with the mission to secure equal position for all the women and to strengthen womankind is the only way society can progress. This is why Intimina and I are supporting this Forum. Female leaders, present and future ones, should talk loudly and corporations should listen carefully about how new business approaches should be adapted to the woman’s aspirations and their natural life-cycles. It is a real privilege to participate in the Forum where women can share the power to shape different professions and industries. I’m sure we’ll all come back home to our families and work colleagues with the portfolio of ideas and tools provided by the senior female leaders and women just entering the business arena, inspired to spark a discussion on these topics.

I enjoy hiking because it gives me the opportunity to travel and experience different nature and meet inspiring people, but also to test my limits and skills. What is great that this passion is reflected in my everyday work – Intimina’s story is all about empowering and inspiring women around the world to embrace their inner women with all their strengths and weaknesses. This is why I’m also very excited to be part of IWTFF and welcome all the amazing women in our, Intimina sisterhood.”