Casey Hanisko

President, ATTA

As President of the ATTA, Casey manages the strategic direction and dynamic team delivering an ecosystem of events and business solutions for destinations and adventure travel brands around the world. Former head of the ATTA’s marketing and communications efforts, Casey was responsible for communicating the place global adventure travel has in the context of the greater tourism industry. Casey leads the success of long term partnerships that are built to advance destinations’ efforts to support local economic- and community-based initiatives. A speaker at industry events around the globe, Casey shares her expertise on adventure travel trends, branding, and travel’s evolving role in the future of communities, culture, environment, and wildlife around the world.

The development of women as leaders in the industry has been a priority of Casey’s since she began at the ATTA. More recently, Casey and the ATTA have combined this effort with its existing initiative supporting indigenous tourism and it has broadened to internal and external work centered around diversity, equity, and inclusion in the adventure travel industry.